In a fast paced world like the one we are living in today, time is one of our most valued assets, this is, if I may say, the best kept secret to why Altia Smart City has become the most important smart development in the region, the time value we give to our customers. Altia was conceived to promote the outsourcing industry to settle in Honduras and it was built with them in mind including our world-class services.

In Altia we help our clients in the complete start up process of their company from legal services, to getting set up and once they start operating we have one of a kind services, like our very own recreational center Rec-Zen, for their employees entertainment and dining needs.

World-class security, a completely redundant building in energy and telecommunications, a complete dedicated IT and security department, in-house maintenance and engineering staff, and a one of a kind customer service team at your service 24/7.

Our Business Park also has a complete recruitment department that works hand in hand with your team to meet your most demanding hiring requirements under our very own brand Sign up get a job.

We feel proud when customers say Altia is not only their show case facility world wide (and they have business in some pretty amazing places), but one of their most successful operations.

You can feel the Altia difference since you walk in the door and are greeted with one of a kind security, as you enter into a close circuit complex, that provides ample and secure parking. We can’t forget to mention Altara, connected via walk way to Altia Smart City, the shopping and lifestyle center has all the services that you need, supermarket, banks, food court, restaurants, gym, movie theaters, and much more, the truth is there is no better place to work, were you feel comfortable and secure.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the first Smart City in Central America, and the only place where our people and our services will always exceed your expectations. We’d love to provide more information regarding ALTIA Business Park. If you have any comments or questions, please Contact Us