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Honduras is located in Central America. Being bordered to west by Guatemala, the country is home to about 9.1 million citizens. In addition, the country has recently come into lime light due to technological advancements in the region.

If you are planning to travel or permanently moving to Honduras, then this article would come in handy to you. In this article, we will highlight the ins and outs of life in Honduras. Read along to discover everything.

Life in Honduras

Life in Honduras is peaceful. The locals are friendly and cooperative to tourists. The residents are polite than other countries. Family ties play a vital role in social identity of Honduran citizens, placing strong emphasis on family loyalty. Families provide assistance in business along with finding path through government bureaucracy and red tape. Apart from religious marriages, civil ceremonies are common to see in Honduras.

Tourism & Attractive Destinations in Honduras

Tourists enjoy a wide range of activities  Honduras. Visitors enjoy hiking at the amazing Pico Bonito National Park that is located near La Ceiba. The Pico Bonito National Park provides tourists with a variety of wildlife and tropical forest. Tourists enjoy fascinating scenery, slopes and various waterfalls. The Lake Yojoa offers amazing bird watching. Tourists prefer hiring guide for safety in the caves and sailing on Lake Yojoa.

The Visitor’s Center located at Cuero y Salado wildlife refuge makes one feel pleasant. It provides tourist with a broad range of animal species including alligators, manatees, waterbirds, monkeys and many more. Visitors enjoy fishing at coasts and Lake Yojoa that are famous worldwide. In addition, Bay Islands and Cangrejal River offer scuba diving and white-water rafting to tourists.

The Copan Ruins located in the western part of Honduras is one of the most remarkable sites of the ancient Maya civilization. The ruins comprise beautiful stone temples, stelae, altars, and hieroglyphs. Being built between 400 and 800AD, the ruins are now listed among the historical and abandoned places on planet.

Bay Islands is located near the north coast of Honduras. The reefs in Bay Islands are known to be the second largest barrier reef around the world. Tourists can see fishes, sponges, rays, turtles, coral and even sharks in the Bay Islands. Visitors can entertain themselves with various activities including diving, lodging, food and much more.

The Living

Honduras offers three main types of residence, catering to people who are retired, investing in country, or earning from outside Honduras. In addition, obtaining Honduras residence depends on nationality. The Canadians can initiate the process by contacting the nearest Honduran Embassy.

On another hand, Americans can proceed with the paperwork while in Honduras. On top, all applicants must contact Honduran attorney for processing the paperwork. Obtaining Honduran citizenship takes about six to nine months, costing about $2,500.

Owning Property

Real estate and property ownership laws in Honduras are feasible for foreigners. The foreigners can own up to 3 quarters an acre without obtaining residence.

The country wants to establish Honduran corporation, convincing people to own more. Apart from this, being a foreign national, you could still enjoy same ownership rights as any other Honduran citizen.

Bringing in Belongings in Honduras

Fortunately, Honduras owns deep-water ports on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It offers facilitating transportation of goods into the country. You could bring in a twenty-foot container from Florida to Honduras for about $1,200.

The retirement residence category provides people with one-time opportunity to bring in household goods without paying any duty. You can import a vehicle every 5 years with no duty.


In the recent years, Honduras has adapted communication and technological advancement, improving lifestyle greatly. The country encompasses landline, smart phone, satellite phone, and VoIP systems.

If you’re wondering how to pay bills back in the country of origin like U.S from within Honduras, then online banking would allow you to do so. It’s suggested that visitors setup their online banking account before moving to the Honduras.

Building a House in Honduras

Building a house in Honduras is comparatively economical than neighboring countries. Besides, the country encompasses skilled architects and professional builders. The average cost for building a house of wood ranges from eighty to hundred dollars per square foot. You can get the furnishings and bigger items for a lot less than importing from the U.S or other countries.


Honduras stands among the preferable countries to live in 2018. The reason lies behind modern-day lifestyle and economical living. Above all, about 95% of overall population in Honduras is literate. Average time spend in school is about 11 years.

Apart from this, unemployment rate in the country is quite low among the people aged between 15 to 24 years old. On top, technological advancements, economy, and country’s emerging human talent are the reasons why people prefer moving to Honduras.