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Honduras is a Central American country that serves as a home to some of the best turnkey outsourcing solutions in the world.

The capital city of Tegucigalpa is the most populated city with more than 10 universities, offering highly skilled and educated workforce. The students of these universities achieve bilingual skills including English and Spanish with good accent. Being located in Central America, Honduras is a good choice for worldwide companies due to its geo-graphic location.

The government of Honduras offers maximum support to BPO industry and it’s a reason why turnkey space solutions for call centers in Honduras offer competitive wages. The state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure, custom outsourcing solutions, tracking systems, training facilities, and skilled human resources make Honduras a preferable country for turnkey BPO services.

What Does The Stats Say?

When talking about the global statistics, Honduras has gained a good reputation due to economical and technological development.

The World Bank’s Global Competiveness Report has shown an immense improvement in Honduras’ ranking from 91 to a decent 86 worldwide position. When highlighting this improvement, World Bank has stated about improvement in the country’s macroeconomic performance and educational system.

Recently, Honduras has signed a free trade deal with Canada, re-entering into political and economical mainstream of nations in the region. The government of Honduras in collaboration with Central American Technology University (Unitec) has announced about training 4000 residents for turnkey call center solutions in Honduras.

“Honduras has placed massive bets on the call center industry. And we are focusing on including more skilled human resources for companies operating within Honduras.”

By Marco Midence, Chairman of Conatel, Honduras’ Telecom Regulator.

Turnkey Space Solutions

Call center industry in Honduras is expanding rapidly. Call centers in Honduras have gained a good reputation due to their customized and tailored BPO solutions. Clients can expect competitive advantages, increased ROI superior customers’ satisfaction when relying on turnkey call centers in Honduras. With a significant growth of call center industry, demand for space and infrastructure has rose. Many companies have started offering turnkey space solutions for call centers.

The turnkey space solutions offer space and technological infrastructure to call centers offering the following services:

  • Custom-designed office spaces.
  • Furniture with ergonomic design.
  • Backup power generator.
  • Redundant telecommunications system.
  • Controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Noise reduction components for production areas.
  • 24/7 security.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Legal support to start operations in the country.
  • Additional services for day-to-day operations.


When considering outsourcing solutions, turnkey call centers in Honduras offer skilled and qualified workforce who spend hundreds of hours in vetting and leveraging expertise and strengths required in call center and BPO  services. However, businesses have started preferring turnkey space solutions for running a call center. It allows call centers to focus on core activities rather than dealing with unwanted issues.