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How Business Parks Are Realizing The Post-Covid Vision Of Nearshore Delivery


For all the hoopla around work-from-home during COVID-19, successful customer experience management outsourcing will continue to rely on contact centers. Quality will always count when it comes to service delivery, and increasingly so do factors like data protection. And these are just two of the many elements that ensure outsourcing is best done in a contact center.

Yet, given the diverse geographies where centers are located, service delivery still requires an outsourcer to marshal the right technology, infrastructure and people. Alas, bringing all these elements together can be daunting. Fortunately, a quality BPO business park offers the solution.

Nearshore business parks centralize resources like high-speed Internet. Electricity and Internet access can be glitchy around the world, and the American nearshore is no different. Unfortunately, blackouts and the high cost of Internet can limit agents’ ability to reliably manage customer experiences from their homes. But business parks surmount these problems, allowing outsourcers to enjoy the arbitrage opportunity of lower wages in Latin America coupled with first-world technology and infrastructure.

Beyond that, leading business parks offer custom options to fit outsourcer’s needs. Altia Smart City, which includes two entire mini-cities, one in the Honduras business center of San Pedro Sula and another in the capital of Tegucigalpa, promises a range of benefits. Altia Smart City offers to recruit agents based exactly on the profile that an outsourcer seeks. Similarly, an outsourcer’s delivery center can be customized, using Altia’s engineering team to design and build a space that realizes the clients’ vision for on-site service delivery.

A series of enriching amenities also boosts the quality of life for agents. The Technology University of Central America, Unitec, has a campus within the Smart City in Tegucigalpa; another five universities are located within 10km.  Away from work and study, a lifestyle and recreational center allows agents to shop, exercise, eat and go to the cinema without ever leaving the City. And a hotel and residences are under construction.

In short, nearshore business parks attract outsourcers because they offer an unrivaled ecosystem.

Moreover, leading nearshore business parks offer flexibility, enabling outsourcer to cope with unexpected events like pandemics. Indeed, according to research conducted by Ryan Strategic Advisory in 1Q2021, service buyers highly prize the ability of an outsourcer to offer work-from-home capacity. Certainly, this will be a feature of post-pandemic outsourcing.

But, what’s remarkable about the research is the degree of at-home capacity is relatively limited. Over half of US-based enterprise service buyers report that they count on home-based agents for less than 20% of their service volumes. By contrast, only 11% count on home-based agents for over 40% of their service volumes.

Point is, US service buyers still prefer service volumes be handled by agents in centers, but an at-home capacity must exist to ensure business continuity should a pandemic occur. While meeting this aim can be difficult, dedicated nearshore operators have shown they can do it over the past year.

For instance, Altia responded to the COVID-19 challenge by moving up to 4-in-5 of its agents to home. Subsequent investments in medical staff and spacing between workstations have enabled it to return agents on-site. Today, there is a roughly 50-50 split among agents still at home and those working on site.

It is a hub-and-spoke model, whereby agents located nearby a center can be sent home if need be but also quickly brought back on-site. In this way, flexibility of delivery melds with the unique ecosystem offered by the likes of Altia Smart City. The result is an unrivaled opportunity for nearshore service delivery.

In these uncertain times, partnering with Altia Smart City promises a one-stop shop for companies seeking nearshore solutions.