A call center operation requires several elements that must be present to achieve success. Depending on the complexity of the accounts served from that location, it will define the factors that must be available to ensure an excellent service. At a macro level, we can identify three basic requirements for a successful call center operation: (1) human talent, (2) infrastructure, (3) communications technology.

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The first and most important element is the availability of human talent. By having a workforce with language and computer skills, it provides a high probability of success in a call center operation. Honduras owns a wide human talent pool for the teleservice industry to grow and sustain for a long time. The availability of great talent in the country ensures great results in the short term for this industry, and also that will be sustainable in the long term.

The next element we mention is the infrastructure. Specifically we refer to the buildings, with all the facilities so the call center agents can work without any inconvenient. The industry requires modern buildings, with extended spaces, safe environments, and adapted for a large number of people working on the same place. In addition and considering the demands of the best places to work for, the buildings should provide ergonomic furniture, and also should be environment friendly (green buildings).

The third basic element refers to the high availability of communications technology. Honduras owns a robust fiber optic network that offers a high availability of services. There are several important regional service providers, which give many options for the call center companies operating in Honduras.

Altia Smart City brings together these three elements in one place. The human talent in our country, plus the buildings infrastructure and the existing communications technology in our smart city, provide the formula that guarantees the success for a call center operation. Our years of experience and the success of our clients are a great testimonial of this.

We invite you to continue exploring all the things our Smart City can offer to your company, and also you can leave us your contact information to give you a more personalized attention in further inquiries.