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Author: Denisse Lopez

How Honduras Eases Friction Points For Outsourcers.

English-language capacity. Highly competitive costs. Multi-city delivery. The convenience of nearshore accessibility. Combined, these features are the hallmark of successful outsourcing. Remarkably, Altia Smart City in Honduras offers these features and more for clients seeking world-class service delivery. Altia Smart City’s business parks in San

Benefit of Free Zone in Honduras

Currently, in Honduras there are areas in different cities that are called free trade zones. This is a benefit that is available to international companies wishing to invest within the country. This Free Zone Law grants the status of a free zone in the entire

Labor Pool in Honduras

A country’s real economic motor is its people’s productivity. In Honduras important steps have been taken to prepare its talent pool to engage in new lines of business and today one of its greatest strengths is its labor force availability and quality. Honduras ensures an