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Altia continues to be the premier business location in Central America. With 26 companies and more than 5,500 people enjoying the combined benefits of excellent infrastructure and telecommunications, extensive customer services and on the park and adjacent amenities like Altara, Altia Business Park is a thriving environment for businesses of all sizes.

Altia understands the importance of proper infrastructure needs for outsourcing, ITO and multinational companies that are looking to open or expand operations in the region.

Altia has taken important aspects into account; the resulting masterplan delivers a sustainable smart city development. We also remain committed to be socially responsible and to deliver our services in an environmentally friendly manner. As a result, Altia is in line with the Green Building practices every step of the way. Recognizing performance in water savings, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environmental quality and a green design and construction.

Our building specifications

Our building specifications are also compliant with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) with sprinkler and fire alarm systems, double insulated glass curtain walls, chilled air conditioning system, high speed and energy efficient elevators, anti-seismic design, water and energy backup with 100% coverage for the whole smart city.

Three office towers already in place and a fourth being built this 2017, every towers’ infrastructure provide its tenant with good panoramic views. Each typical level is approximately 14,000 sq. ft. on a square layout, which greatly facilitates office space planning, and design. We also provide an onsite facility management team and 24/7-hour security.

In addition, Altia also provides Rec-Zen, an area with different spaces (cafeteria, coffee shop, lounges, creative studios, music & game rooms) within which colleagues can collaborate in comfort, and in a less formal way. This also helps build relationships in a friendlier environment and produce results that benefit companies inside the park.

As a result, Altia is the ideal setting in Honduras to boost your company to higher growth. For further information contact us at: