Colorun 2014 a 5K marathon took place Sunday November 9th, a race more about enjoying a fun colorful activity and less about competing. The event included people of all different ages, beginning at the starting line in a white shirt while at every kilometer awaited colorful dust of different colors. Previously the event held Zumba activities to warm up all runners.

More than 17,000 participants made it to the finish line to enjoy a massive concert being held with local musical talent, entertainment and finally concluded with the announcement of the total proceeds, which reached more than 3 million lempiras.

Grupo Karim’s and Grupo Karim’s Foundation were part of the organizers for the second year in a row. All proceeds are dedicated to providing the reconstruction of the Pediatric Ward for the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula. #poruncatarinomejor