On friday August 1st, Grupo Karim’s inaugurated a third addition to their Altia Smart City complex, ALTARA LIFESTYLE CENTER.

Claudia Bueso Marketing and Administrative Manager confirmed that Altara will become the most exclusive commercial and modern Lifestyle Center in San Pedro Sula; serving the needs of more than 22,000 people within Altia Smart City. 

Likewise, the northwest area of the city is characterized by a strong residential growth with more than 77,000 people living in the area where Altara will provide a solution for every one of their needs.

Besides Altara is contributing to the growth of the city making it more attractive to Honduras’ foreign investment and a tourism movement option.
Altara’s modern environments with a total construction area of 40,000 square meters, having two levels of retail space, a third level intended solely to entertainment, plus parking level. Its three floors have: 8 restaurants, 84 shops, 3 anchors, including Antorcha Supermarket, 12 kiosks, 10 restaurants at its food court, movie theater with VIP cinemas and a full gym.

Among its options, opening for the first in the city: Agaci, Wing Zone, Carl’s Jr, Solo Cinco, Geek, Rigoletto, Just Dry; well recognized brands and companies already in the country are: Satisfaction, Voglio, Aldo Shoes, Korpus, Totto, Subway, Lorocos, Gennies, ADOC, Wonderland, Samsung, Jetstereo Laboratory Bueso, Pressto, among others.

It also has a range of distinctive services that will make a substantial difference between Altara or visiting another mall. Offering all visitors a different and pleasurable shopping experience, completely within an innovative and safe environment.

Also, it has an unsurpassed architectural design, with unique elements which highlights its facade with capacity to 60,000 color combinations of lights at different rates and in tune with the fountain at the main entrance.

Remarkably, at its left side, already in process is the building of the Hotel Courtyard by Marriott International. This business hotel consist of 8 levels with accommodation capacity of 115 rooms. The Courtyard is fully integrated to the mall, using the attractions Altara provides for its guests and visitors.

Given this wide range of products covered, Altara will be placed as the number one preference and a destination for local and foreign visitors, for either shopping, dining, service or entertainment.