Honduras is situated in the heart of Central America. With being two-hour away from the United States, Honduras offers the lowest logistical costs in the region. The strategic location of Honduras in Americas has enabled it to leverage response capability as an edge over the competitors. In addition, Honduras offers competitive near shore solution with a safe environment.

The IT Infrastructure in Honduras

The technology services industry demands a massive support for technological components. Honduras encompasses a wide range of technology vendors along with service providers coping up with diverse requirements of industry. In Honduras, the technological providers offer IT equipments, Network gear, data center hardware, maintenance and support services.

The IT equipments offered in Honduras include desktop workstations, mini tower, thin clients, small form factors, and laptops. Apart from this, various in Honduras specialize in configuring and installing servers. In addition, brands including Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, and HP have widespread distribution across Honduras.

There are several shops available in Honduras that offer network installation and network hears, enabling seamless communications. Also, there are some providers who offer copper and optical fiber installation for both LAN and WAN networks. The providers also sell network gears including switches, access points, routers, telephone sets, PBX, and more devices. Besides, there are popular tech brands located across the country including Fortinet, Watchguard, Cisco, Plantronics, Panduit and many more.

When talking about the data centers’ infrastructure in Honduras, there are various options available including elevated floor, electrical setups, UPS power backup solutions, air conditioning, security and monitoring systems. Many local engineers have installed data centers across the country. Such systems include APC, Liebert and few more.

The Technical Support System Infrastructure

Technical human talent holds prime importance in delivering premium customers’ satisfaction. The vendors in Honduras do not just sell IT solutions, equipments and systems, but they offer responsive maintenance and support. The local human talent offers reliable customers’ support, ensuring quality services and responsive support to local companies. The vendors ensure that manufacturers’ warranty applies to every installation, a replacement of parts during emergencies.

Honduras provides home to mainstream IT vendors, encompassing different options to cope with IT requirements for different companies. Having said, Altia Smart City provides responsive support to clients dealing with current IT vendors. We help companies focus on core businesses while initiating fresh operations in the country.

How Technological Infrastructure Influence Lifestyle in Honduras

Honduras offers a reasonable and adequate business environment to prospects. The country holds a history of hundred years for making countless companies successful. Despite abundance of competent human resource, Honduras stays appealing for having proximity and similar time zones along with affinity to American culture.

When considering the foreign investors and visitors in Honduras, the country has comfortable and reasonable living conditions. The shopping center and supermarkets offer almost same products as in the US. Above all, the restaurant and hotels offer delicious dishes, covering the continental and Asian cuisine along with local specialties.

Traveling & Recreational Activities

Honduras offers a broad range of activities within the city limits. The country clubs are equipped with swimming pools along with tennis courts and golf courses. Honduras is known as a biodiversity spot due to various plants and animals that are found there.

Service Culture

Altia considers clients as the strategic partners, valuing human resources more than any other element. The company stays committed to offer and practice effective service culture. In this way, the company achieves its goals, providing clients with superior satisfaction. The company understands that customer support is one of the essential factors for success, and thus provides clients with cordial experience.

Altia believes in surprising clients by leveraging the best values ​​and support system. They put values ​​into practice in one direction, marking a difference from what competitors are achieving. A reasonable change of attitude marks excellence when delivering quality customers’ service.

With tailored customers’ service, Altia stays open with clients to deliver results-driven services. Altia maintains regular communication with clients, providing them with customized and positive solutions. Altia understands audience’s needs, and that offers services befitting to individual business requirements. The company holds a firm belief in people’s empowerment, ensuring they are provided with none less than best services.

Social Culture

Honduras stays appealing due to proximity and time zones along with cultural affinity towards the US. Surprisingly, the Honduran accent is comparatively neutral, an aspect that is appealing to BPO investors and call centers looking to cater to regional markets.

Technological Perks

Honduras falls among the Central American countries equipped with modern-day telecommunication infrastructure . The network encompasses submarine cables, Maya 1 and Across where communication backbone lines in the United States.