ALTIA SMART CITY Managua is one of the greatest information technology & real estate developments in Managua, the heart of the Nicaragua.

ALTIA SMART CITY Managua will be built using a climate-responsive design taking into account environmental sustainability as well as longevity related to infrastructure. This city within a city will elevate the surrounding communities through educational initiatives, job creation, innovation, and the development of a sustained business economy through multi-national investment. It attract residence & service businesses from around the globe including Data centers, BPOs, telemarketing, corporate offices, call center Managua (Nicaragua).

Already on the radar because of the recent trend of outsourcing to Central and Latin America, Nicaragua needs to invest in infrastructure that can withstand both economic growth and the sometimes challenging landscape. The campus design of

ALTIA SMART CITY developments is the perfect solution to the problem at hand. With an open concept landscape and world-class 24 hour security throughout the development, the design is meant to encourage pedestrian traffic and a strong sense of safety and comfort.

The environment is based on the principals of innovation and social responsibility, which inspires increased collaboration. The ALTIA SMART CITY concept has proven successful in the original development in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, providing businesses a unique opportunity to incorporate a modern work-life balance into their everyday operations. International & local service BPOs, call centers are already making the most of this information technology and real estate development.

The idea of a Smart City is embodied through all of the individual facilities on-site (components) interacting to create synergies. ALTIA SMART CITY Managua is unique in that it will also house sustainable resource facilities such as an above grade storm water treatment/storage/re-use management facility. All buildings on-site are in line with international building codes and standards and will have LEED Certification, full energy redundancy, and will be anti-seismic. With issues related to security, fire safety, energy efficiency, and electrical taken care of, ALTIA SMART CITY Managua will set higher standards than any other development in Nicaragua.

ALTIA SMART CITY Managua will have the following components:

Business ParkHotelREC-ZENALTARA Shopping CenterUniversity CampusMedical Center

Multiple office towers outfitted with the latest technologies will highlight ALTIA SMART CITY Managua’s world class turnkey corporate facilities.

Businesses looking to expand globally through outsourcing strategies will have a distinct advantage over competitors because these facilities offer a cost-effective solution.

Businesses will be able to focus on their core business capabilities and profit rather than the development of facilities to house them.


As the focal point of the architectural development in ALTIA SMART CITY Managua, the hotel will be the tallest and most visually stunning building on-site.

Catering to a year-round business clientele, multi-nationals will be able to entertain guests and clients in the finely crafted facilities where there will be both business and luxury amenities such as a pool and business centre.

These facilities will cater to both the businesses and the university campus at ALTIA SMART CITY Managua. Designed to encourage collaboration, multi-level buildings will offer public fitness and other recreational facilities such as a games room and a music room.

Restaurants and coffee shops spill into areas meant for dining and socializing both indoors and outdoors in shaded patios and lounge areas.

ALTARA will offer multiple buildings that house a unique variety of retail shops. With an environment that encourages outdoor enjoyment, the landscape and building connectivity will be as pleasant as the retail experience itself.

With activities such as a gym and a movie theatre, those who wish to enjoy indoor activities will have much to choose from.

With the goal of creating opportunities for people within ALTIA SMART CITY Managua as well as the surrounding communities, a multi-building university campus will encourage higher learning and training.

This university campus will provide a steady stream of well-educated and capable talent to help make businesses on-site thrive.

The medical center is part of an international world-class network providing the latest in medical treatments and technologies.

This type of facility doesn’t currently exist in Managua, another way ALTIA SMART CITY developments look to affect a positive change to local living.


ALTIA SMART CITY Managua will capitalize on the cultural landscape in the capital city of Nicaragua. The development will introduce superior infrastructure, technology and architecture into a city with prime opportunities for business investment and operations. Let ALTIA SMART CITY Managua introduce you to the new way to do business.

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