Altia’s very own recreational center, exclusively for employees who want to relax, amuse themselves and get creative in modern and stylish facilities providing a friendly, safe and attractive facility for relaxation, recreation, unit functions, meetings, parties and workshops.

Located in between our towers, our two story building with four out-door terraces will also provide an ample and modern cafeteria and coffee area, offering a variety of options to our employees. Wi-fi will be available in the whole building. The atmosphere shared in the center is like no other ever seen in our country.

  • An area to enjoy your time off work and dine with your favorite people. We offer microwave ovens and other appliances to prepare and enjoy your meals.

  • Meals are served daily all day long. The restaurant also offers drinks, snacks, and so much more!

  • Drink a cup of coffee and enjoy it in the company of your friends or coworkers.

  • Area destined for relaxation, featuring comfortable furniture with the latest technology so that people can read and explore using the available tablets, books and magazines.

  • Providing a studio for those who want to have access to specialized software in graphic, video or photo editing, and 3D computer animation.

  • This fun area has ping pong, foosball, air hockey and pool tables for sharing a great time between friends and co-workers. It also has modern consoles and video games, and promotes tournaments for testing your skills among others.

  • A place where people can go play music sessions with available instruments featuring a drum set, electric guitars and key boards. Also available is a karaoke set.

  • An area to focus on your ideas and with all the tools you need to develop them. Share your ideas and knowledge with your coworkers.

In addition to 4 terraces, REC-ZEN is a full access pass to the very core ideas that make ALTIA a unique concept. Access to Rec-Zen is available to all employees, residents, and business owners in ALTIA.