San Pedro Sula offers an adequate business environment and a history of over 100 years of success for companies that have made it their base of operations. Besides the abundance of qualified human resource, Honduras is also appealing due to its proximity and similar time zones as well as affinity to both American and European cultures.

Everyday Living

Foreign investors and expatriates living, or visiting Honduras, will find living conditions comfortable. Shopping malls and supermarkets carry products similar to those sold in the US and are conveniently located throughout the city. There is a wide selection of restaurants that offer continental and Asiatic cuisine as well as local specialties.

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Travel & Recreation

San Pedro Sula has a wide variety of activities within its city limits. Country clubs have swimming pools and tennis courts and there are world-class golf courses located about 20 minutes from the city.

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Biodiversity Hotspot

Honduras is considered a biodiversity hotspot because of the numerous plant and animal species that can be found here.

It contains vast biological resources: