Honduras is located in the heart of the Americas. It is only a two-hour flight from the U.S. and is the distribution platform of Central America, offering among the lowest logistical costs in the region.

Prime Location for Nearshoring

Its strategic location in the Americas, as well as its proximity to North America, has allowed it to use its rapid response capability as a decisive advantage in «time to market». Honduras offers the most cost competitive nearshore solution with a safe and stable environment.

The 4 international airports and the presence of renowned international airlines allow for a short trip, of just 2 hours, to the United States. San Pedro Sula has daily/direct flights to New York, Atlanta, Houston, Miami and connections to the rest of the world.

Go The Distance


Cultural Affinity


Honduras is also appealing due to its proximity and similar time zones as well as cultural affinity to the US. The Honduran Spanish accent is relatively neutral, a factor attractive to BPO and call center investors seeking to serve regional markets and Hispanic populations in US and European markets.

Technological Advantages


Honduras is the only Central America country with a world-class telecommunication infrastructure, connected through three submarine cables, Emergia 1, Maya 1 and Arcos, to the main Internet and communication backbone in the United State, providing 99.95% redundancy.