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Outsourcing is increasingly becoming a key business strategy.

With the recent profusion of outsourcing in Central and Latin America, Honduras is emerging as a hotspot, possessing certain unique advantages compared to its neighbors in Central America.

American businesses are aggressively seeking nearshore options in Central and Latin America to serve a growing Hispanic market and also to diversify from offshore locations that may have become less attractive due to diminishing cost advantages and labor attrition.

The Reasons:

Lower real estate costs

Availability of cost-efficient qualified labor +95,000 Bilingual Population

Faster setup & friendly legal framework

Strategic Location

Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure

Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions

A Key Business Strategy.


Altia recognizes the value of human capital and gives back by contributing to the strength and growth of its community with the creation of higher-level employment.

Working hand in hand with the Honduran Government, as incentives, trainining programs like “Con Chamba Vivis Mejor”, Yes we Can and Call Center Scholarship Program have been created to develop job skills and the abilities for Hondurans to work in BPO companies.

Altia Smart City has recently signed an agreement with the Department of Education in Honduras to convert public school into first level Bilingual Schools (primary and secondary) ensuring long term sustainability for the IT and BPO industry.


Altia Smart City is committed to sustainable environmental practices.

The green approach is being implemented in every step of the design and construction to move towards The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification of buildings, translating to a cost competitive energy savings of 20-30%.

Building specifications include a double insulated glass curtain wall system to provide high efficiency power consumption for HVAC system and energy-efficient elevators.


Under the National Investment Promotion Program, Honduras has implemented a new legal and institutional framework to attract and protect foreign and domestic investments. Government agencies have strengthened the enforcement of laws and regulations, increasing the rate of compliance, and improved the processes and requirements that protect domestic as well as foreign investments

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