ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa is an exciting real estate development and thrilling lifestyle in the heart of the capital of Honduras.

With a high population growth and somewhat deficient urban planning, Tegucigalpa is a prime location for ALTIA SMART CITY. Built with sustainability, highest standards in workplace and high quality living in mind, the development will elevate the economy and the surrounding communities through innovation, business development, and job creation.

A recent trend of outsourcing to Central and Latin America as a viable business strategy indicates there are previously untapped opportunities in major cities.

Based on the same standards of quality of the successful development of our first Smart City concept in San Pedro Sula, ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa will provide businesses the opportunity to thrive in an environment that is built on the principals of innovation and sustainability. ALTIA SMART CITY is modern education-work-life balance set in motion. BPOs, ITOs, Data Centers, Call centers in Tegucigalpa, etc. can easily get turnkey office solutions.

ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa will be made up of components that fit together to create synergies that demonstrate the essence of a Smart City.  Each is a fully interactive state of the art facility that benefits businesses, employees, and residents. In keeping with the commitment to sustainability, all facilities will meet international building standards and will have both LEED Certification and energy redundancy. There will be 24 hour world class security, and all of the buildings will be anti-seismic. With issues related to security, fire safety, energy efficiency, redundant connectivity infrastructure and energy taken care of, ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa has set higher standards than any other development in Tegucigalpa.

The core of ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa will have the following components:

Technology ParkRecreational CenterALTARA Lifestyle CenterHotelUNITEC CampusHigh SchoolResidencesPrivate Office BuildingsDiplomatic ZoneBig Box StoreConvention CenterMasterplan

ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa’s technology park will be composed of multiple business towers offering state of the art technologies to businesses looking to create a competitive advantage through an outsourcing strategy.

With the latest technology offerings onsite, the technology park provides a turnkey solution through the development of world class corporate facilities that will allow companies to focus on growing operations.


Within the Technology Park employees will be able to unwind in the recreational center. With individual zones designed to elicit creativity and innovation, this facility serves as the social gathering place for informal meetings, events, and downtime.

Areas for dining, including a restaurant and coffee shop onsite, and lounges, studio spaces, a games room, and a music room all inspire unique interactivity. This facility will provide both indoor and outdoor spaces to encourage a higher quality of life while at work.

The lifestyle experience in ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa is complete with ALTARA, a facility that will offer a retail experience like no other. Designed to meet the immediate needs of ALTIA’s residents and businesses, ALTARA will have a wide variety of retail stores to choose from.

Additionally, with activities such as a gym, movie theatre, restaurants and supermarket, ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa will be a self-contained city within a city.

An will be located at Altia Smart City, benefitting the many multinational organizations within ALTIA that entertain visitors and clients year round.

Member of the Laureate International Universities, UNITEC is an already established campus with enrolment reaching over 5,000 students and an innovative educational model. It is the largest and most prestiguious university in Honduras and has a world class campus with sport centers, sophisticated class rooms, labs and much more.

With the campus located within ALTIA SMART CITY, students will have more opportunity to work and study to further their own careers and guarantee labor pool sustainability that will benefit the business who are housed in the Technology Park.

Quality education is the cornerstone of any community, and this remarkable bilingual school will provide students needs with access to signature academic programs and exceptional teachers whose highest priority is student achievement empowering them with values necessary to become contributing members of society that will guarantee a sustainable labor pool for contact centers, BPO’s and ITO’s.


The residences offer a range of spacious mix of one bedroom or two bedroom suite and studio apartments, designed to deliver the highest standard of student and executive living to accomodate a variety of lifestyle needs.

Among its ammenities the residences will include:

  • Common Areas
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Club Rooms
  • Laundry Facilities, among others

This area offers ample commercial real estate in the form of private office properties, which will provide companies searching for a professional, sustainable, comfortable and safe environment in which to run their businesses in.

This diplomatic zone will be developed to house embassies, ambassadors’ residences and foreign cultural centers in the nation’s capital to concentrate diplomatic representations within ALTIA SMART CITY.

A retail store selling a variety of goods and services

Altia Smart City’s Convention Center will be the ideal venue for hosting major conventions, trade shows, meetings, special events and private receptions, equipped with world-class features and amenities to handle events of all sizes.

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Now in the early planning stages, ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa will be tailored to leverage all that the capital city of Honduras has to offer. The development will introduce superior state of the art infrastructure, technology and architecture into a city with prime opportunities for business investment and operations. Let ALTIA SMART CITY Tegucigalpa introduce you to the new way to do study, work, do business and enjoy life in a unique setting.